Low Inventory and Multiple Offers


Having trouble buying a home in Las Vegas lately? Majority of people looking to buy right now are hitting a brick wall with multiple offers. Inventories levels are at an all time low.  As of March 13, 2012 there are currently 6389 available single family residences on the market.  Many agents unfortunately are lazy and limit YOUR search to what they know.  It is important to arm yourself with a knowledgeable professional that is experienced in all aspects of real estate.  Why would an agent not show you a short sale or a HUD home if it fit your criteria? Most likely because they are inexperienced with them,  Many Las Vegas brokerages cannot sell HUD because they have not registered for their NAID # or trained their agents on how to properly submit a HUD offer.  This could be a missed opportunity for a future home owner.  If you are struggling to get a home please contact us.  Our team is highly experienced and constantly training so that we can provide every opportunity and advantage to our clients.  For those interested in HUD homes, short sales, and the few foreclosures still out there contact us today at 702-800-5744 or visit us at http://www.ssrealtylv.com. 

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We are a full service real estate firm, specializing in Las Vegas short sales and foreclosure prevention. We pride ourselves on providing all clients with superior and honest service.
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One Response to Low Inventory and Multiple Offers

  1. To add to this we have also been highly successful in negotiating new home purchases for our clients. With many homes getting bid up due to multiple offers a great alternative we have found for our clients are new homes. Most recently in an area ridden with foreclosures priced in the low $80 a square foot range and needing substantial work. There are new homes that we were able to negotiate mid to high $80 a square foot. This is for a BRAND NEW home! Everything included and no work or additional funds required. On top of that the builder offered lower interest rate terms ultimately giving our client a lower payment than they would have got with the foreclosure! If this interests you call us today we have a huge background in new home construction and know just what buttons to push to get the best deal. Call today at 702-800-5744 or visit us at http://www.ssrealtylv.com.

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